This Puppy Doesn’t Want To Go To Bed. His Argument With Mom Will Leave You Laughing!

Dogs are the one of the most awesome things on earth. They are playful, loyal, entertaining, and very amusing. They usually act like kids that don’t really grow up, don’t they? They need love and care just like little kids do. And just like little children, dogs can be pretty fussy at times. Just take a look at this hilarious video below!

Kids can be pretty frustrating when they disregard bedtime. But Frenchie, the French bulldog takes the cake! This little guy doesn’t want to go to bed, so he starts arguing with his mom. You are going to melt when you hear his adorable whimpers. But wait till you see what happen at the end! This cute clip will leave you smiling for sure!

This Frenchie puppy is so adorable, and he is fighting bed time for sure. But it seems like his owner has him pretty well trained already. She tells him just a few times to go to bed, and eventually he hops into his little bed. It looks like a wooden drawer or box, but it’s been made up as a bed for him.

He was fighting going to bed, but once he’s in his comfy place, it is just seconds before mom gives him a pat goodnight, and his eyes are closed! Within seconds this puppy gives in and is asleep. It’s adorable.

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