This puppy doesn’t want to wake the kittens, so he does this instead!

Do you remember the Tom & Jerry cartoons? Do you remember how a dog would save Jerry from Tom from time to time? When I saw this, I became convinced that dogs and cats were natural enemies. Do I think that way now? No. I stopped believing that after I got a cat and a dog. That’s right! They are not always fighting, they play a lot, though.

They might have different personalities, but in a funny way, they complement each other. I have a dog and a cat, and I can confirm this is true. My dog is actually very protective of my kitty. One of the things my dog loves to do is to comfort my cat named Misha when she appears to be having a bad dream. This happened the very first day Misha was here.

She was sleeping in her brand-new bed and about one hour into her sleep, she started shaking a little bit and she meowed. My dog name Cleopatra went to see what was going on. She found Misha sleeping and a little bit distressed. Cleopatra took a blanket and sat down next to her and licked her face. After this, Misha stopped having her bad dream and woke up.

My son was amazed that something like this could happen. He also had the idea that dogs and cats were supposed to be enemies. And that’s even considering that Cleopatra and Misha are both females. For Cleopatra, Misha is like her daughter. My dog also likes sharing her food with the cat. The thing they like to do the most is play tug-of-war.

The way they do this is by grabbing a towel from each end and pulling with all their might. Of course, Cleopatra does not go all the way because she is much larger than the cat. Cleo likes to make Misha think that she is actually the strongest of the two. And as far as Misha is concerned, she is the queen of the house.

A cute dog in the following video also wants the best for her children. The only thing is that her children happen to be kitties. The kitties are sleeping, and the dog is right next to them. The problem is that the dog wants to get up, but the kittens are so close, she might wake them up. What does she do in this case? Watch the video to find out.