Puppy Falls Asleep During Car Ride And Has The Cutest Reaction To Dream

While it’s not uncommon for people to talk and even walk in their sleep, it seems to be even more common when it comes to our pets. If you have a dog, you have likely caught them running, growling, or talking in their sleep. I always wonder what’s going through their little puppy minds as they sleep, but I envision them chasing rabbits, or in the case of my dog, birds, because he is obsessed with catching one even though he never has.

If I had to guess what Lulu, the dog in this video was dreaming about during her car ride, I’d say she was definitely dreaming about flying. Or chasing something. Or skydiving. Or any number of things that she might find fascinating. She sure was putting on a show for her mom while she slept in her lap in the car. Lulu the Chihuahua is already famous on YouTube, and this is just another one of her antics that adds to her popularity as a YouTube favorite.

With the air conditioner blowing in her fur, and the loud sound of the car as it drives downs the road and her paws extended in the air, Lulu looks as though she is soaring through the sky like a superhero! Maybe she is in her dreams. Maybe she is ten times bigger and wearing a cape.

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