Puppy farts so loudly in his sleep, he wakes himself up with a fright

Have you ever woken yourself up with a startle? Or had a dream that seemed so real it caused you break out in a cold sweet? Or even just a pleasant dream that left you with a smile on your face? Will all dream, some dreams we remember some we do not, but nun-the-less we all do it.

Dreams can be many things, they can be funny, sad, bizarre and damn right scary, but why do we dream? The fantasies that your mind makes up for you while you are sleeping must have some sort of reason for being. Our most vivid, and memorable dreams occur during “REM” Rapid Eye Movement. This is the time that you brain is most active during your sleeping period.

There are many theories to why we dream, some experts think that dreams have no purpose whatsoever, while other believe that dreams are necessary to maintain our mental, emotional and physical health. Sleep deprivation study’s where a subject is woken just before “REM” sleep found that in a majority of cases the subject could experience side effects such as tension, anxiety, depression even in some cases weight gain.

We all know that having a bad night’s sleep can affect the next day. Our co-ordination and ability to concentrate are extremely effected by lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can even cause hallucination, Could this be the brain trying to re-create a dream that wasn’t allowed to develop?

Sigmund Freud, who most believe was the founder of “Psychoanalysis” once stated that dreams were “The Royal Road to the Unconscious”. His theories are not paid much head to in modern times as most psychiatrists today will tell you that dreams are no more than the “Randomly discarded trash of a day’s experience” maybe this is true, but I think that we still have a long road to travel before we will aver fully understand dreams.

What, may you ask, has this got to do with the clip at the bottom? Well, it’s not just us humans that dream, Animals dream too, especially man’s best friend, the dog. One can only imagine what a canine dream must be about but they certainly get excited when their subconscious is in full swing. I have a Rottweiler, and she sometimes runs in her sleep, and has been known to let out a heartrending howl from time to time.

The cute little puppy in this clip is sound asleep, dreaming peacefully, his little legs are even moving, my guess he is dreaming about that pesky cat next door, you know, the one that he just can’t seem to catch. His owner, who obviously loves this perky little Pit-bull, decided to capture the sight and sounds of his little friend sleeping, but what he does next will have you in stiches and sharing this clip to all of your dog loving buddies.