Puppy Found Abandoned On Streets Of Romania. His Story Left Me Feeling So Good.

One thing that is guaranteed to get me upset is anything involving abandoned animals. Why would someone do that to a helpless dog, cat, deer, you name it? It’s just not right. So when I see a video of one, I know my heart is about to get tugged. They have an already tougher uphill battle than those who are merely born. But the dog that we see in this video take inspiration to a whole new level. It’s a must-watch.

The puppy that Howl of Dog rescue workers dubbed “Joy” was initially found on the sidewalks of Romania. He was blind, toothless, and he couldn’t regulate his body temperature. The workers at the shelter worked with him night and day and he started coming around. Day by day, he got stronger. Soon, he was able to start playing with the other dogs. His spirit and spunk were evident from Day One. Now he needed a home.

A family from the Netherlands were smitten with Joy and wanted to adopt him as quickly as possible. In fact, they drove to Vienna, Austria for the pickup. Their round trip was 2,400 or so miles. Now, let’s see… traveling at 70 miles an hour… using math shows that it’s a long trip! We see pictures of Joy in his new home. There’s also video of him playing in the snow. He seems so happy! Even his favorite toy made it over there.

I’m so happy this ended like this. He was such a cute dog and his mommy and daddy in his new forever home will shower him with love for all of his days. This is a lucky dog – going from being abandoned in the streets of Romania to living in an awesome place like the Netherlands. He didn’t give up when he was blind and toothless. We should never give up no matter how hard things may be for us, too.

Wasn’t Joy so adorable? This is the first time I’ve ever seen the name used on a male. Every other Joy I have met was female. Oh well, first time for everything. Please leave your comments below!