This Puppy Loves So Much The Water That Forgets Its Manners And Tries To Cut The Way To Shower

Many puppies and dogs do not like water at all or they don`t love bath time. However, sometimes the opposite thing happens. Some puppies love to take a shower, and even fight with others to be able to do it first. In fact, sometimes, even though the bathroom is over, they want more and more water. This is the case of this cute puppy who simply loves the water.

And the magic word that drives this puppy crazy is … “shower”. Yes, just as you listen. For this puppy, there is no better time than bath time. The moment he sees his owner giving a shower to his partner, he runs immediately and jumps over the water. He does not want to wait for them to finish, he wants to feel the water right away. We’ve never seen a puppy so excited about the water, but he just loves it.

This puppy is so fun and he feels so anxious to get some fresh water that we think he is simply in love with the water hose. He does not like waiting for his turn to come and this is why he jumps like crazy on his partner to feel some of that water on him. It literally looks like a rabbit jumping!

Every time her owner goes to the yard and pick up the hose, he ran after her asking for a shower.  He really enjoys bath time and he also loves to play with water.

This cute and funny puppy is a line cutter, and he definitely need a few lessons of good manners!  Sometimes he just don`t behave!   He jumps around the garden to get more water than his brother and run like crazy all over the place.  But what motivates this cute puppy to do this?  We don´t have an exact answer for this question, but he probably feels tired of hot weather, and feeling the water in his body makes him feel cooler, or maybe he just loves getting wet with fresh water.

His mom enjoys it a lot when he does these things, because the most important thing for her is that he is a happy puppy.

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