Puppy runs away from family during move. Nine years later… What an incredible reunion!

Animals run away from home all the time. I see signs on street lamps showing missing dogs and cats. Sometimes the signs are taken down quickly, which usually means a quick reunion, but some of them stay up a long time. Weeks. Months. It’s got to be a horrible feeling knowing that you might never see your kitty or pooch again. The family in this video may have resigned themselves to that fate, but then good fortune shone on them.

We see Boozer, a boxer, waiting in one room of a shelter while her original family is in another. This is an incredible tale of a lengthy separation, and eventual reunion. Her original family is telling their story to the camera, with the daddy doing most of the talking. It’s clear that the time apart has affected them, and they are also aware of how little time remains with them – most boxers live 10 or so years. They want to make the most of it.

Boozer ran away as a puppy, since her mommy, daddy and other family members were busy getting ready to move. They say she wound up in Colorado and nine years later, her original family was notified, and they drove 32 hours to go get her. They were waiting in a shelter to pick her up. I wonder how much Boozer really remembered of them – she was friendly, but not overwhelmingly so.

There’s one thing I don’t understand about this story. Well, several things… the original family said that they had him microchipped as a puppy. That’s a good thing… but why did it take nine years to be able to locate who he belonged to? Was the computer they used to search his records from the 1980s and ran on a 300 baud modem? Also, I felt bad for the family that raised him that had to give him up. I’m sure there’s pieces missing from the story. Still, Boozer gets to go to her original home.

Whatever the case, Boozer will get to spend her time with her original family. What do you make of all this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.