This Puppy Sees Snow For The First Time! You Won’t Believe Her Hilarious Reaction To The Cold!

One of the coolest things about living in the northern hemisphere is the opportunity to experience the four seasons. Some are fans of spring, others prefer summer or fall and of course winter also has enthusiasts! I personally am a fan of summer, I love going to the beach and the pool however I understand the appeal of the other seasons, especially winter. The pretty clothes, the snow and the calm that this season brings give the impression of earth being dormant.

However similar to rainy days, snowy days can deter you from going outside. It’s unpleasant to walk through the snow, and you are forced to wear many layers. Of course our pets have face these changes accordingly, dogs have some of the best reactions, like the one in the following video!

Lulu, a miniature puppy, is dancing by the back door. She’s anxious to run outside and “do her business,” and she’s waiting for her owner to open the door. When Dad finally does, she notices that the entire backyard is covered in a white sheet of snow. Although she’s wearing an adorable blue sweater, Lulu can instantly tell that it’s not going to be fun time outside. After a few seconds of thought, she immediately turns around and runs away!

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