This Puppy Spots His Mommy And Does The CUTEST Thing Ever!

How many times have you sat at your desk at work during those last 30 minutes and just stared at the clock, watching it slowly and painfully tick down so that you could rush to the door and free yourself? Or that feeling of seeing your best friend that you haven’t seen in a billion years and desperately need to talk to and she’s just pulled into the driveway?

We get the feeling this little puppy is experiencing that same level of anticipation as he ever so impatiently waits for his owner to spring him. What in the world is taking them so long? That’s all you are going to wonder!

This puppy isn’t in jail and it looks like he’s got some friends to share his time with. Nevertheless, as soon as he spots his owners coming, he springs into action. The thrill of that first view of his owner is so incredible that he just cannot help himself. He’s moving as fast as he can – but this isn’t about scratching or digging at all!

Watch this video and check out just how incredible the love been a small, brown puppy and his or hers owners really is. And, you’ll ask yourself why they cannot seem to get that locked door open soon enough to free that frustration and unbounded happiness? And, about half way in, when the dog’s moves change, that’s incredibly hilarious!

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