This Puppy Is Terrified Of Stairs. How He Decides To Conquer Them? LOL, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

When you are a young baby, you get to learn many new things every day, it seems. Everything is new actually. School, bikes, even walking is new. Some things are easy, while some are really tough to comprehend and master. Seems like the case with our animal friends is quite similar to us. Wait till you see what happened when this tiny puppy had to face his fear of the stairs!

It looks like this tiny pup is really scared of the stairs in front of his home. There are only three steps and they aren’t even steep, but this pup seems determined not to go down them. When his owner brought him out and put him down in front of the stairs, he quickly found a solution to this problem of going down the stairs.

Mom is filming because this is his first attempt at tackling stairs, so mom and dad know it’s going to be monumental. But they never expected this! The puppy hesitates at first, but he really wants to go down to his humans who are waiting in the yard. His solution? This really left me laughing out loud!

Throwing aside his fear of the dreaded stairs, he goes for a much more daring route, although I don’t think he realized just how daring it was until he made the leap. It’s hilarious, and I’m not going to tell you what he does. You will just have to watch this short and very entertaining video to find out.

Watch his tiny puppy’s easy alternate way in the video below! Were you expecting that? Let us know if this cracked you up in the comments below!