This Puppy Was Thrown 30ft Into A River And Left To Die. His Transformation Will Leave You Teary Eyed!

Sometimes the cruelty that people can display towards animals leaves me speechless. Thankfully, there are people that are there to “undo” the hurt that others caused. As you will learn from the video, a homeless man took a poor puppy, cut off his leg and then threw the puppy 30ft into the L.A. River. The puppy was stuck there for two days until Hope For Paws rescued him.

The poor puppy was in an incredible amount of pain. Hope For Paws immediately took him to the nearest vet where he had a blood transfusion and surgery. They decided to name him Jordan and let him rest for the first time in days.

Jordan is now looking for his forever home. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle. Please share his inspiring story with your friends!

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