Puppy Has a Tough Case Of The Hiccups. When You See What He Did Next? I MELTED!

Some things are just too adorable for this world. Regardless of the mood we might be in, sometimes all you need is just a cute video like this one. In the video below, you’ll meet an adorable 8 week old puppy who is facing the biggest problem he has faced so far: the hiccups. Everyone gets used to them eventually, but it’s hard not to be annoyed when you feel all your insides shaking and jumping around without your control. There are many ways people try to deal with hiccups, but no solution is infallible. This little pup made up his own anti-hiccup technique!

His name is Buck, and at such a young age, he’s already showing his fierce bravery when facing tough challenges. Instead of drinking water or holding his breath like most people would, his approach revolves around scaring the hiccups away himself. Brace yourselves, because the cuteness is strong in this one. He seems to have no idea of what is going up with him, but he doesn’t let that stop him. You’ll have to see this lovely moment for yourself!

Enjoy the cute video right below. Did you like it? Tell us what you think about pups with hiccups in the comments under the video!

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