The Puppy Tries To Jump Up Onto The Couch To Be With His Sister, His Sister’s Reaction? Priceless!

Laura Olivia and Charlie the beagle are pretty famous on the Internet. They have made a number of videos that have gone viral, and been shared with millions of people. In this video Laura spends time with the newest member of the family, Ollie.

Ollie is a beagle just like Charlie, but it’s clear that they have different personalities. When Laura is sitting on the couch Ollie wants to jump up and be with his sister. But because he’s so small and as such tiny legs, he can’t quite make the jump.

Laura, rightly so, thanks this is pretty funny. Watch this video and you will be giggling along with this toddler. When Ollie finally makes onto the couch what he does is just adorable. If you want have a good laugh them this is the video for you.

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