“This Puppy Was Hit By A Car And Left To Die When This Guy Showed Up… GET YOUR TISSUES READY!”

Poor Chase was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road. Thankfully, Chase was rescued before dying, but his rear legs could not be healed. Chase had both rear legs paralyzed. However, Chase’s luck was about to turn when this remarkable family appeared. Check out the video and learn Chase’s amazing story.

When the young couple met Chase, they knew that he’d fit right in. Michael, the husband, was also a paraplegic and moved around with the help of a wheelchair. With his wife they adopted Chase and built him his very own “wheels,” which finally allowed Chase to move around freely.

Together, Michael and Chase have formed a strong bond of friendship, a bond that gives them hope and courage to face their struggles. Remember that there’s always hope!

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