Puppy too weak to stand is rescued – her story will bring you to tears

Sometimes a story comes along that is just so powerful you can’t help but be moved to tears. A tale of strength, courage and tenacity that can really inspire – even if the main character isn’t human. Dogs can give just as much hope and belief as any of us, and this is one tale you should share with your animal loving friends.

Lemon, the tiny Chihuahua was rescued as a stray and brought into the animal shelter. She weighed an astonishing 2.5 pounds, which is about half as heavy as a normal, healthy Chihuahua should be! The poor animal was too weak to walk or even stand up and was in serious need to almost round the clock care if she was to stand a chance of surviving.

Rescuers had to insert a feeding tube into Lemon so she could digest the nutrients she would need to put back on the weight she had lost. She was dehydrated and hypothermic, clearly having suffered for being on the streets. While it isn’t clear what caused her emaciated state, it was not less important to try and save the helpless creature from a sad end.

But it was a long, slow process. Every day she had to have a delicate rehabilitation. It took her a long time to get the strength to sit up, stand and eventually walk for the first time. It was a case of try, try and try again as she fell over more often than not, struggling to stay on all four paws, clumsily waddling like a baby learning to toddle. It’s heart-breaking to watch, but ultimately incredibly inspiring! This tiny little animal wasn’t going to give up and had such strength of mind and willpower that would put many of us to shame!

Slowly but surely, Lemon began to come back from the brink, making doggy friends and learning how to play and appreciate life. And throughout her dilapidated state, the adorable Chihuahua’s tail has never stopped wagging! As the video mentions – at least one part of her body was still fully working! Lemon’s zest for life clearly showed, and it is that which pulled her through such a difficult time.

Don’t miss this tear-jerking and inspirational footage below and learn more about Lemon’s battle. We’re also delighted to report that she has been adopted into a forever home! We hope she continues her remarkable recovery for a long and happy life ahead of her!