Puppy wrangling – it ain’t an easy job

Managing a lot of dogs at the same time can be a significant challenge for most of you. However, for Luke, it is something he loves to do daily. He is the owner of The Farm, a sanctuary and rehabilitation for rescue dogs. He also has 12 dogs of his own at The Farm.

Luke was a dog trainer and veteran. He used to serve in the Special Forces before he switched to a normal civilian lifestyle. The Farm is spread across 32 acres of open land where it houses some of the cutest and most playful dogs.

Luke loved to escort the puppies from their sleeping pen to the playground daily. This allowed him to clean their sleeping pen and prepare their meals. However, the job was easier said than done.

Like every other day, the puppies scratched at the gate, asking Luke to let them out in the open. Once the owner opened the gate, the puppies rushed out, pushing a massive Golden Retriever standing in their path.

The puppies were joined by many other dogs, including a German Shepherd, a Bulldog, a Boxer dog, and many more. Some of them carried their favorite toys in their mouths and began playing with their siblings.

Luke also followed the dogs to the playground. As he opened the gate to the green, the dogs rushed past him. However, Luke didn’t want the smaller dogs to enter the ground. He decided to block their path with his leg and slowly began closing the gate. However, the smaller dogs were in no mood to sit back and watch the other play. Some of them tried to squeeze through the closing gate. However, they soon returned.

Luke carried two puppies in his arms on his way back home. The other dogs followed him close by. He walked around with his dogs and bit around the property. However, a German Shepherd thought it best to sit back and relax in the shade.

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Puppy wrangling – it ain\'t an easy job