Puppy’s Nightmares Have Him Shaking! When One Beat Dog Awakens From His Slumber, I Lost It!

Dogs are loyal, excited, bundles of love willing to greet every day with an optimistic attempt. Always excited to see you, unless they know they did something wrong. Generally, very apologetic and loving, we find that even if we save them, they end up saving us. Parts of our innocence or a reminder that there is goodness in the world. That there is something joyful about our day. Something to make us laugh give us a perk up when we need it most. We find ourselves lost at times without their pure hilarity. Their faithful and loving demeanor, that’s by our side even when the world ends.

Mike is one such case of hilarious happenings at one of the most blessedly innocent times where we have very small amounts of voluntary control. We have moments when we just can’t control ourselves as we are unconscious. We are dead to the world, so tired from all the playing we did and all the playing we must do in the future. It’s can be a tiring job being a source of inspiration and joy. Times are tough now-a-days and it appears it’s getting harder and harder to make a smile. The muscles are tired, almost as tired as Mike and his muscles. The poor babe is lying down, asleep and unable to move of his own will. This is one beat dog, is all I’m saying.

He must be dreaming about daisies or something scary, because when we see him, he seems to be twitching a bit. It appears something has the poor pooch frightened. He may be having a nightmare or something of the sort. It is apparent that he is scared. But when he wakes up? You won’t believe what’s happens!

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