These Pups Are Cuddling Together. There’s So Many Of Them, I Can’t TAKE It!

There’s few things that can make us fill up with joy as quickly as an adorable puppy. But what happens when you multiply that by 9? I can’t take all this cuteness, it’s too much! This video that we found shows footage of a litter of nine adorable pit bull babies cuddling and sleeping together. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but smile widely, and it will surely have the same effect on you, too! This breed of dogs has kind of a bad reputation because of their character, but this video obviously proves the opposite!

Pit bulls got their fame because they are some of the strongest and most physically fit dogs. This makes them really cool, obviously, but sadly, it’s also the reason why cruel people use them for their dog fighting rings, and ended up creating the stereotype that pit bulls are always aggressive and mean. But the reality is, they have a naturally calm nature when raised in normal, positive conditions, and this video proves exactly that! All dogs were puppies once, and it’s up to the owner to decide if they want to take that innocence away from him.

Watch this heart melting video right below. What did it make you feel? Tell us in the comments!

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