Purring Squirrel Thinks It’s A Cat Baby. Animal Identity Crisis! This Is So Adorable!

Sometimes life can really surprise you. Just when you think that all is lost, something unexpected can come to your rescue. In the case of this orphaned and abandoned squirrel, the rescuers thought it would be a lost cause. However, a cat loving couple came to the rescue and they had an ingenious idea! Having a whole brood of newly born kittens, they thought to place the baby squirrel with the furry felines and guess what!!?? The kittens and the mama cat adopted the baby squirrel and accepted him as their own.

Usually natural enemies, you are more likely to see cats and squirrels on the other side of the fence, so to speak rather than bosom buddies or adopted siblings. Yet, just when help was needed, a mama cat came to rescue. It really does make you wonder on life’s surprises.

Now if you see the squirrel, you’d be forgiven to think that it’s a cat hybrid. Its purring noises shows that it has truly adopted its foster mum’s families talking habits. However, with these new changes, it definitely can’t survive on its own in the wild and will always have to be a pet.

If you walk into the foster home, you’ll see the squirrel snuggling with his new feline brothers and sisters. In another story, there is a squirrel who has become bum chums with a cat. You’ll see him relaxing and sunbathing on the furry feline’s back or hiding in the huge expanse of fur. What fun!

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