Workers Find Purse Lost by High School Girl in 1954. Wait Till You See What’s Inside

Woman Reunites With Purse She Lost 65 Years Ago

While tearing down an old high school in Indiana, the construction crew discovered a keepsake that had people everywhere intrigued.  In Jefferson High School’s old science building, workers found a purse that belonged to a girl who was a high school junior in 1954.

The school district shared a photo of Martha “Marty” Ingham’s purse and contents on social media in an attempt to locate and reunite her with her purse and its contents.  The long-lost owner would definitely want the memento from high school back.

Even though the plain black clutch was intriguing in itself, the contents of the purse were even more interesting.  The purse was pretty much a time capsule from that era, and everyone was interested in seeing what Marty, an ordinary high school girl, thought was important enough to keep in her purse.

Inside the purse was a basketball schedule from 1953-1954 that was bordered with red glitter and gold glitter that read, “Best on the Floor in Fifty-Four.”  There were also prom photos and a piece of Juicy Fruit gum found in the purse.

No matter what era, something no high school girl would never be caught without is her makeup.  Stashed in Marty’s purse were a compact and a well-used gold tube of red lipstick. There was even a tissue in the purse that she clearly used to blot her lipstick with.  It’s amazing the lipstick still has its color after sixty-five years!

Even though these contents were very nostalgic, people were most intrigued by what else was found in Marty’s purse – a few love letters. It appeared Marty had three boys interested in her at the same time.  One boy even asked her to the prom in one of the letters.

Marty was finally located through the social media post. One of her family members saw the post and shared it with her youngest son. She now lives over 1,000 miles away, in Florida, but the school plans on mailing her purse to her.

Watch the video to see Marty’s interview and read some of the love letters.  This little piece of history lets you peek into the life of a common high schooler sixty-five years ago, and of course…find out who she ended up going to prom with.

Workers Find Purse Lost by High School Girl in 1954. Wait Till You See What\'s Inside