She Put 10 Puppies In The Bathtub, Look At The Black One Near The Faucet

Do you like puppies? Do you always go into a feel good frenzy when seeing videos of adorably pups? Well, get ready to lose your mind! It doesn’t get much cuter than this! You’re about to fall in love with 10 puppies whose mom died even before they were weaned. They needed her desperately and would have died without her, had it not been for Doggie Protective Services (DPS) who bottle-fed and hand-raised these precious babies from the time they were just a couple weeks old.

The rescuers selflessly dedicated themselves to providing around-the-clock care for the canine siblings, which included a regular schedule of feedings, baths, and nap time. It was exhausting, but so worth it in the end. The video below was originally filmed in June 2015. By August, they’d all been adopted by their forever families! Gum Drop, Jelly Belly, Twizzler, Life Savers, Gummy Bear, Skittles, Sweet Tart, Jolly Rancher, Sour Patch, and Starburst are all very lucky and very loved.

According to, “Successful rearing of motherless puppies requires a regular schedule of appropriate feedings, elimination, playing, and sleeping all in a safe and healthy environment … Healthy puppies are plump and firm, warm, quiet, and sleep most of the time. Unhealthy puppies have poor muscle tone, initial high activity levels, and cry a lot.”

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