She Put 16 Dogs Behind That Fence. But Keep A Close Eye On That Lab At The Back! LOL!

I cannot imagine how much patience and perseverance is required to train or teach a trick to a dog. All my attempts to teach my dog even the simplest of tricks have failed miserably. So I am always in awe of those people that can train their dogs. The video below features a passionate instructional trainer named Laurie from a doggie daycare in beautiful Yakima, WA.

Laurie makes the dogs in her daycare participate in a doggie roll call and it is amazing to see the dogs respond to their names. As the roll call carries on, the dogs run past the fence one by one until the whole pack has made it to the other side. The whole pack except one. This silly little pooch is going to crack you up. There’s one in every class, right? Well this gal is the one!

Maybe she just doesn’t like the fact that she’s being called last. She sits throughout the entire roll call with her back to all of the other dogs and the trainer. When the trainer gets to the last two dogs, she starts laughing and so does the person filming. Daisy is still sitting with her back to the trainer and all of the other dogs have moved to the other side of the fence.

The trainer says, “Daisy!” and she doesn’t move. The trainer laughs even harder. Finally Daisy answers the call and comes to the other side. So cute.

Watch this amazingly trained canines in the video below! Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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