He put Christmas lights around his house, and keep an eye on that American flag

Christmas is always  right around the corner and I am sure a lot of you are starting to put up your lights and decorations to make your home look festive for the holiday season.

But festivities aren’t enough for some people, and this homeowner decided to take this opportunity to not only light up the holidays, but to honour our Veterans as well.

Take a breather from your  holiday decorating and watch this incredible display of holiday lights to pay respects to Veterans. This Christmas lighting is one of the best I have ever seen! It is jaw-dropping to look at and it also fills your heart with pride for being an American. A tremendous amount of time, effort, and creativity went into this display.

This display was put up during the Christmas of 2011. It was done so in order to pay tribute to our amazing troops and wonderful veterans. Over 1.3 million American troops have put their lives at risk and made the ultimate sacrifice for the country since 1775.

The patriotic songs playing in the background just add to the magnificence of the display, but it wasn’t enough for this homeowner to just add music to his display. The lights ‘dance’ in sync with the music, and this really adds to the overall effect he hoped to create. I’d say this display does exactly what the homeowner intended.

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