If you put an ice cube on this spot daily for a month, these are the surprising health benefits

Since time immemorial, people have been searching for miracle cures and magical anti-aging potions. Countless lotions, creams, tonics, fad diets, crystals, reiki, and many other treatments have promised the moon but rarely delivered the goods. More modern approaches that involve using everything from pills to lasers sometimes work but often disappoint. What many of these treatments try to do is to switch on a bodily mechanism in order to fix a problem or improve health generally.

There’s an alternative you should know about: ice point therapy. This means of improving your health and well-being is easy, all-natural, and costs practically nothing. It’s a form of traditional Chinese medicine that’s been around for thousands of years. Like acupuncture and acupressure, ice point therapy is based on the idea that a particular point on the body can be linked to specific ailments or health in general. In this case, it’s the “Feng Fu” point, which is located on your neck where the spine and skull meet. When ice is applied to this point, people report feeling energized, younger, refreshed, and more clear-headed after just a few treatments. Some other possible benefits include: better mood, sleeping better, relief from cold symptoms, lessened thyroid problems, headache and toothache relief, reduced PMS symptoms, and lower risks of lung and cardiovascular diseases.

Ice point therapy could not be easier. Lie down flat on your stomach and get comfortable before putting a towel under your head and chin. Then what you do is place an ice cube on the back of your neck where the skull and spine meet. Let it sit there and melt for at least 20 minutes. You should do this first thing in the morning before you’ve had breakfast and again in the evening just before you go to bed.

For more details, see the video we’ve posted for you below. Try ice point therapy for a month and see if it has benefits for you.

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