He Put THIS In The Middle Of His Pond. But Keep A Close Eye On What Those Fishes Do Next! OMG!

In 2011, German YouTube user TCHelmut posted a video of an awesome “lookout tower” he built by himself for his beloved koi fish. He put the tower right in the middle of his garden pond. And by day, around 20 koi swam up inside the tower to the upper lid! Some of the fishes even hung back to enjoy the new view in front of them!

Koi fish are colorful Japanese fish that most people keep as pets, but outdoors because they can get quite large. They are beautiful to look at, and are actually quite social. Even if people aren’t feeding them, they are likely to come close to them out of curiosity. So it’s no wonder this YouTube user has so many of them.

Aquariums are usually horizontal, and also too small for this many koi, but this koi habitat is vertical. It is filled with water and made with 1 cm thick glass. One comment says that the fishes probably think of it as an observation tower from where they can see land. Others call it an “antigravity aquarium” or a “bottomless aquarium”.

The Koi are able to swim in and out as they please since the tank is completely open at the bottom. So they aren’t continually swimming vertically. They still have their beautiful pond and plenty of space to swim around in. Pretty awesome huh?

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