Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad, um, Stuffed Toy?

The following video is one of the cutest things I have seen for a long time. It features a German Shepherd dog and a tiger. Okay, the tiger is a stuffed toy, but it’s still a tiger for the poor dog. These pet parents decided to play a little prank on their beautiful dog, so they brought a stuffed toy tiger and put him on the floor in front of the dog. You are going to be in stitches when you see how the dog reacts.

At first, he just stares at him and tries to bark him down, but when the tiger doesn’t budge, the poor guy has no option than to be suspicious. The dog looks as if he is curious and doubtful all at the same time. When he sees his owner go and pet the tiger, he tries to follow the lead. But to no avail. His interaction with the stuffed toy is really funny.


I must admit, that stuffed tiger actually looks pretty real. I can see why this clever German Shepherd would be confused. At first, he just barks at the toy and then runs away, but he can’t stop himself from returning for another look. He ventures closer but begins to whine and backs up again.

When his owner pets the dog, he quickly gets close and touches the tiger’s paw, and whines and runs away again when he moves it. It’s so cute! He sniffs its nose and its paws, but there is still no love to be shared for the toy tiger. Perhaps they will grow to be ‘friends.’

Who\'s Afraid of the Big Bad, um, Stuffed Toy?