She Puts Her Kitty In The Tub To Give Her The First Bath But How She Responds? WOW!

Most pets don’t like to be given a bath. The sound of running water is enough to drive most of them away! It then becomes a Herculean task to find them and calm them down for a bath. But there are a few extremely fortunate owners whose pets do not mind a bath. Montee the cat is one such pet who loves a bath judging by his reaction in the video.

In this video we see Montee a hairless cat, taking his very first bath. It is amusing to see his reactions in the bathtub as he plays around with the different toys in there. He is surprisingly calm for his first bath. Montee’s owners are lucky people because he clearly enjoys being around water and this should save them the trouble of forcing him to take a bath!

Does your cat love or loathe being around water? Let us know through your comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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