He Puts Him In The Sink, And His Little Bird Wastes No Time. Just See Him Splashing!

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about tiny animals that always fills my heart with joy. Sure, the principle might not apply to insects and other kinds of bugs, but it’s undeniable that seeing a tiny version of a furry friend, a dolphin, or a bird, it’s always somehow much more adorable.

The most unexpected things are always the happiest. This was a reality for the man in the clip below, who was trying to help his birdy cleanse himself a little, and ended up with the cutest scene right in the palm of his hands! His little goldfinch bird, aptly named “Tweety”, can be seen on his owner’s palms as he puts him under the faucet.

When Tweety starts splashing in the water, it’s already the cutest thing ever. You probably know that birds have a very cute and splashy way of bathing themselves, but when you see one that’s so tiny and confident enough to wash himself in his owner’s hands, it’s almost too much for words. Don’t miss on watching this little bird friend flutter his wings happily, it’s too adorable!

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