Putting Her Feet On The Dashboard Was The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life

There have been a lot of efforts by various organizations such as the DMV to remind people of the importance of driving safely. Alcohol has usually played a key role in most of these accidents. Although people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, every year thousands die because of alcohol-related accidents. Surprisingly, not all accidents happen because of alcohol or drugs.

Some of them happen because people just get tired and fall asleep on the wheel. This happens to all kinds of people, especially those who drive vehicles for a living. People like truck drivers who need to drive through the night. They need to get to their destination at a given time and date. Most companies are aware of this and provide them with a couple of days rest after each long trip.

At times, people have accidents because of other people. It only takes a person to break suddenly to cause you to rear-end another vehicle. When this happens, you’re lucky if you only come out with a few scratches on your car. They are usually covered by insurance. There are other people who are not that fortunate. Another widespread practice that causes accidents has been texting while driving.

Originally people started doing this when text messaging started to be used. People would pick up the phone thinking it would only be or a couple of messages. A couple of minutes later they would be so focused on their conversation that they would forget about driving. When they had realized, they had already rear-ended another vehicle. If they were driving at a safe speed, they would be lucky if it only ended up being a couple of scratches. Maybe even just a broken headlight. In other cases, the results were far more serious.

Take this next couple for example. The boyfriend is driving while his girlfriend decides to take a nap. Because she had been experiencing lower back pain, she thinks that she should put her feet up on the dashboard. This usually helps alleviate some of the pain and makes her feel better. Once she rests, she will be able to handle her other activities. This would prove to be a mistake she would regret the rest of her life.

While they are driving, as semi-truck who was in front of them suddenly breaks. Apparently, there is an accident a few cars in front of them. The semi-truck breaks very abruptly to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of it. The boyfriend doesn’t have time to break. He rear-ends the heavy truck. Because her feet were on the dashboard, they get injured with the broken glass. The passenger’s airbag gets activated pushing her knees to her face. This causes massive damage. Her family fears the worst as she could even lose her limbs.