Quasimodo The Hunchback Dog Finds His Forever Home.

Quasimodo’s name is inspired from the famous character from the story, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and this four year old German shepherd is almost as famous. Having his own Facebook page, his unique personality has tugged on the hearts of people all over the world.

Born with short spine syndrome, Quasi has virtually no neck. This means that he is not only missing some vertebrae, but the ones he has are all squashed up. I’m sure it is uncomfortable and perhaps even painful, but this dog is an absolute trooper who has fun like any other dog.

Watch how he scampers and runs around the yard with two other dogs. Finding his own special place with a foster home in Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Quasi’s condition is really rare. So rare that in fact, he is only one out of fifteen dogs in the world who suffer from this syndrome.

He is unique in so many other aspects as well. A lovely dog, who looks like he walked out of a comic strip, he’s garnered many fans. Not many people knew of him and although he was featured on the Secondhand Hounds Fb page, he didn’t make their posts go viral. Until his own page came into existence.

He’s developed his own unique personality and help is on the way for him, with tests being carried out on his blood to figure out how to get him better. He does take medication and can’t eat from a bowl placed on the floor due to having no neck, but he’s hopeful of finding a permanent home to call his own.

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