Queen’s ‘Back Chat’ exudes epic 80s music video nostalgia

The infamous rock band known as ‘Queen’ dominated the music scene in the 70s, and they kept making records into the 80s. Their music explored many different styles, and this performance is a funk dance beat inspired by early 80s music.

The song titled ‘Back Chat’ features the original four members of Queen in all their 80s glory. There’s an opening scene where Freddie Mercury rises up through smoke on a machine that looks like it was pulled from the ‘Star Wars’ movie set.

Freddie is dressed in an all-white tracksuit and looks into the camera with star power during the lyrics. The song features a funky guitar part with electronic drums. Their typical rock sound has been shelved for this infectious dance groove.

Midway through the song Brian May takes a wicked guitar solo which follows an excellent electronic drum breakdown by Roger Taylor. The whole tune has a great groove that gets stuck in your ear.

Freddie even confronts himself with a beaming flashlight while his other self drops a large wrench he was dancing with. Yes, this is classic 80s music video style with no discernable plot!

The video, filled with smoke and Freddie’s dancing and gyrations, showcases all the band members rocking out. There’s even a giant metal piston pumping the entire time in the background that Freddie dances with.

While ‘Hot Space’ isn’t the most revered Queen album, the unique sounds are enjoyed by true fans of the band and 80s music lovers. Queen has sold an estimated 170 million to 300 million records, and they continue to be cherished.

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