He Questioned His Dog About The Disaster In The Room. The Response He Gets Is Shocking

There is no shortage of very funny animal videos on the world wide web! It’s no surprise that they are the most searched topic in any search engine out there, we just love this stuff so much it’s a craze!  They are really funny, and you won’t be able to get over the amount of trouble that the two adorable little pups in this video get themselves into. The video is of two Maltese pups who just can’t seem to get a handle on curiosity and it gets funnier and funnier the deeper in to the video that you get.

This poor owner walked in the room to experience such turmoil. What you see covering his entire living room is torn up tissue! The first dog is questioned and meets his owner with a stone face as he seems to be a professional at hiding his guilt. This little guy looks like a tiny political aristocrat. You can’t be prepared to see what happens when he turns the camera around and interrogates the second helpless little pup that got thrown under the bus! I burst out laughing seeing the mountain of mischief the other dog had gotten into. I am so happy that  this master was able to  record these two dogs. I think I really want to adopt a Maltese or two because this seems like it is non-stop entertainment at its best.

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