This cheesecake recipe has just 3 ingredients — and takes just 15 minutes to fix!

I fixed this last night and it was sooo easy. Everybody loved it and my best friend couldn’t believe it took just 15 minutes to prepare, so I thought I would share this recipe with you.

Cheesecakes aren’t that easy to make. This decadent dessert can be like a souffle in the fact that it will flatten if not created correctly.

In this video, you will discover a way to make a delicious cheesecake fluffy and perfect for your guests… and this is one cheesecake recipe you can enjoy in minutes!

This video was uploaded two years ago — yet  it still continues to get hits and remains as popular as the day it came out.

Perhaps it has to do with the over all recipe which requires only three ingredients, cream cheese, white chocolate and eggs. It could also have to do with the helpful hint that she give her viewers.

For example separating the eggs and chilling the egg white. Then making the egg whites into a fluffy meringue and folding it in after the other ingredients have been mixed together.

Anyway, watch, make, and enjoy!