Quimera is rarest cat in the world because mother nature gave her THIS spectacular appearance

Family pets come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all kinds of different species. They’ll all share one thing in common though, in the fact that their human moms and dads will believe that they are the most unique animal on earth. Whether it’s in the way they look or the way they act, we swear there’s none quite like our own animal babies. Take my pooch for example. Every time I get into bed she will launch herself onto my chest as close to my face as she can possibly be, and then almost nose to nose she will stare intently into my eyes until I move. It’s kind of weird, but I love her for it.

But there are probably millions of dogs that do that right? I can’t tell if she’s looking into my soul or if she just wants to be me, but I’ve never had a dog that’s done it before! Still, I bet there are plenty of dogs with similar behavior out there, but it doesn’t make me love her one jot less. So, when you’re looking for true uniqueness it might be a little harder to come by. Unless you’re this cat from Argentina.

Quimera appears to have a rare condition called genetic chimaera. Now I won’t be going into the scientific explanation as to what this actually is because I’d probably have a meltdown and bore you all to tears. Basically, it’s a genetic phenomenon that makes an animal appear to be two different species. Quimera’s distinctive visage certainly does have a claim for the world’s rarest cat, and she’s won an army of followers on Instagram as a result.

In fact, Quimera is proving so popular she’s developed over 36,000 fans! You can understand why when you read YouTube comments like this one: “That has to be the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, I just can’t find words to describe her beauty, her amber and blue eyes are so lovely. Thank you for this lovely video.”

Of course, she is completely unaware that she is adored by thousands of people around the world, while her life is updated on a daily basis by her daddy. You too can follow her if you check out the link in the video below!

With her distinctive half black half ginger face, almost perfectly divided down the middle, and her polar opposite eyes of stunning blue and amber, Quimera might be the most beautiful cat in the world too!