Quirky Horse Has Ridiculously Funny Jump Over Smallest Ditch. What He Ends Up Doing? Well…

Horses sure are majestic creatures. From trotting, to galloping, all the way to prancing, horses and riders have found many ways to work together to accomplish their goals and dreams. With many ways to ride, competitions to compete in, and moments of bonding, horseback riding is certainly a skill that could lead anyone into some intense moments. There have been so many instances where a rider wasn’t quite capable of handling the horse they rode. In the same token, there have been many different times that a horse was a bit too green or unfamiliar with the obstacles before them. Approaching new problems with a fresh pair of eyes can do wonders for innovations.

The Holsteiner horse is thought of as the oldest warmblood breed originating in the 13th century. It seems this breed is best known for their amazing performances in international show jumping. That may very well be why this big old guy is spooked.

Commando may not have had the most experience, he is just above novice, ranking at a beginner level. The Holsteiner breed looks big, strong, and fearless, but his actions would seem to indicate otherwise. He may just have a deep-seated fear of ditches, who knows? Possibly, he hasn’t had too much experience with this certain obstacle.

I mean all in all, he made it, didn’t he? What more can you ask for? Who cares if he didn’t do it in the easiest or most fluid way. He found his own unique way. I speak only for the side of the horse, I’m sure the rider has a COMPLETELY different take on how that went.

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