Raccoon dives into the pool, dogs next move steals the show

If you are lucky enough to be living in a warm climate you know how important having a swimming pool can be to some people. When we think of pools, we think of fun, barbeques family and friends. We don’t think of raccoons and dogs frolicking in the water together.

Let me introduce you to Tito the rescue raccoon and Penny the chocolate Labrador. This unlikely duo are the best of friends and have been their whole lives and there is nothing they like better than a quick dip into the warm water of their owners swimming pool.

Now most people think that raccoons aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but it has been proven that on average they are smarter than dogs. A scientific experiment done by a man named Walter Hunter showed that raccoons retain information longer than dogs do, these cute little creatures are smarter than the average.

Penny and Toto grow up together so Penny has complete trust in Tito’s decisions. Penny follow Tito everywhere, they have a little game of catch-me-if-you-can around
the edge of the pool until Tito decides it’s time for a swim. She approaches the pool and when she jumps in Penny knows that it is safe to follow. The bond between these two unlikely friends has to be seen to be believed. Penny jumps into the pool and before too long Tito is on her back enjoying a leisurely ride.

They enjoy each other’s company so much that they are virtually inseparable. Once they are done with the fun of the pool, it’s out, a quick dry off, then back to their owner house for a bit of relaxation and rest, what a life these two most unusual friends have.

Their owners were generous enough to share their adorable antics on line for all the world to see. It is proof that differences don’t have to get in the way of truly great friendships. Maybe there is a lesson there that we could all learn from.