A raccoon gets trapped under a tree. Watch what he does when rescuers approach.

Raccoons have this fame of being the most mischievous of all animals. Some people have even had close calls with them. Raccoons will act aggressively if they feel threatened in any way. But that’s not something only raccoons do, almost every single wild animal will. The only thing is that raccoons are the only ones who get the bad rep.

Sometimes they feel frightened by our movements. The reason the number of human encounters with raccoon has increased in number is that humans have been invading their natural habitat. When they venture into our houses, it is not an invasion what they have in their minds; it’s food. Like many animals, they have been seeing their food sources diminish because of human intervention.

This is what prompts them to go into houses. They have discovered people have plenty of food sources, and they don’t even need to fight for them. They have learned that humans store food in certain places and that all they need to do is wait for the humans around them to go to sleep and the food is theirs for the taking. They are not the only animals who are famous for this, squirrels also do it as well as rats.

Some people are not taking this behavior in such a bad way. For them, it’s quite understandable that these animals venture into more urban settings. Some of them, have gone out to meet them in their natural habitat with the sole purpose of studying them. They have lived with them for many weeks, even months. As a result, they have gotten a more profound understanding of them.

At times, these critters also get into trouble while looking for food. And this is not only on human territory. Sometimes they put their lives in danger without even realizing it. The raccoon in the following video got into a very tight spot, and I mean this in the most literal sense of the way. It turns out that the raccoon was running on a trail that is normally used by people who love hiking.

When the raccoon least expected it, he got stuck under a tree and it didn’t look like the tree was moving anytime soon. Fortunately for him, a group of people was walking near him and spotted the poor critter in distress. Watch the incredible rescue and the raccoon’s reaction to them!