This Raccoon Was Being A Pest. So This Dog Did Something Totally Hilarious!

Raccoons are a sight to behold. With their natural bandit masks donning their face, they think they are invisible when pocketing our foods. They are our everyday thieves, albeit cute ones. Most of us would never dream of keep them as pets, because they are so mischievous, they would certainly be a challenge to keep!

Raccoons can be kind of annoying when they decide to explore our garbage cans and have a party at our expense, but this behavior is out of necessity. Everybody has to eat, and they learned this behavior from humans who don’t properly dispose of their garbage. It can still be frustrating though, trying to keep them out of the garbage.

This video is a hilarious compilation of raccoons doing their silly stuff and it will definitely crack you up! The first one is enough to keep me laughing all day. He’s someone’s pet, and has a very unusual way of getting down the hallway. Instead of walking, he rolls! He’s pretty fat, so this is pretty amusing to watch.

These raccoons in this compilation video are all hilarious. One plays the water sprinkler like a harp, another walks on the treadmill with his human, and one is licking the cat! It’s so cute. If you’re in need of a good laugh today, I think you may have found it here.

Watch the clip below! What did you think of these racoons and their silly antics? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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