Raccoon Whisperer sits on a bench while feeding them some treats

James Blackwood, the “Raccoon Whisperer,” lived in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. This kind man loved enjoying nature and feeding his best friends, the raccoons, on the porch of his house.

James fed all the raccoons daily, multiple times. The kind man gained a lot of followers online due to his dedication towards the little ones. Recently, he was found feeding a minimum of 14 of the adorable raccoons.

The Raccoon Whisperer had fed a maximum of 18 raccoons and was very comfortable around them. The animals also trusted him a lot as they all stood up on their hind legs asking for food as soon as they saw their favorite human.

James got 120 hotdogs to feed these little creatures. He sat on the bench and told his fans that one of his raccoons had died that morning. He sounded sad when he said that. The man had even arranged water for the animals. He continuously fed the animals who asked for food.

After the hotdogs finished, James went to get some cookies. When he stood up, he counted a total of 16 raccoons on the stairs. Of course, the little animals were glad to eat the cookies.

When James was done distributing the cookies, he took out the dry food and left it on the ground. After that, he opened the packet of Cheerios and spread them on the floor. Then he poured some Cheerios on the lawn.

James did not want to make sandwiches. It would take him 15-20 minutes to complete the peanut butter sandwiches for everyone, and the raccoons were already very hungry. Hence, he decided to distribute these treats. The man was an angel for these wild animals in the age where animals were killed by some humans just for fun.

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Raccoon Whisperer sits on a bench while feeding them some treats