Rafi The Black Labrador Falls On A Snowy Hill. What He Does Next Is Absolutely Adorable! LOL.

Animals, just like people, react in different ways to snow. For example, I greatly enjoy the chill as I imagine others do, however it is understandable that there are some others that detest snow. Several videos show just this difference of reaction to the natural phenomena, but in pets. They either frolic happily or wander around dejectedly, you can check out one of this reactions on the video below!

Rafi is a black Labrador that loves snow. You’ll be crying of laughter when you see just how much this cute dog loves the snow. The heartwarming way the pup slides down a long hill covered in snow in absolutely endearing! Rafi enjoys playing around the chilly snow so much! His enthusiasm is contagious I feel like prancing around with him, I wouldn’t mind the cold one bit!

Labradors are one of the friendliest happiest dogs! They love fooling around but above all they enjoy sharing their excitement with others. There is no way you won´t crave the company of a furry friend after witnessing this absolutely precious moment! Incidentally, Labradors enjoy water and snow more than other dogs, so his happiness is even more palpable!

Take a look at this heart melting video below! It will definitely make you crack a smile! Share your thoughts about our furry friend in the comments section!

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