Raggedy New York City Street Cat Is Given A New Life & Family

Street cat Winston found the much-needed help he was looking for after a kind human being from Flatbush Cats encountered him on the street while out looking for cat litter. Flatbush Cats is a non-profit initiative that rescues feral cats from around the central Brooklyn area, and this video shows just how much care goes into their work.

No one knows where Winston came from, but when Flatbush Cats found him, the toll of living on the street had clearly been taken from this ageing kitty. Other than an array of scrapes and scratches, he also had the internal parasites coccidia and giardia, ringworm and suffered mild inflammation in the lungs suspected to be asthma.

This heartwarming video takes you through the rescue of street cat Winston, showing you everything from the calm, good-natured kitty getting a bath, to reaching a healthy state where playfulness began to return to his old bones. Brooklyn’s ferals are truly blessed by the services of Flatbush Cats. The transformation which Winston goes through is nothing short of amazing.