Rainbow-colored ‘peacocktopus’ unveils her technicolor plumage

If you love underwater sea life, take a look at this underwater footage. What this octopus blanket does will fascinate you.

In this short video clip, videographers were capturing sea life at night on the Lembeh Strait near the Philippines. What they captured on tape is so mind-blowing to watch.

This blanket octopus reveals what is known as an iridescent membrane. It resembles a long blanket that stretches out to almost six feet in length.

The adult females will have longer membranes that will stretch out that long. This membrane is used to ward off any predators that dare pursue it and try to make this octopus a tasty meal.

To appear larger and more intimidating to predators is what makes sea creatures so interesting. Especially when it’s a blanket octopus.

These octopi even outsize the male octopus by a lot. This is a sea creature that should not be messed with in the slightest.