He Raised This Gorilla 5 Years Ago. When He Meets Him NOW? I’m In Tears!

Wild animals are always thought to be ferocious and dangerous to be around. Even though they are brought up in captivity, sometimes their natural instincts take over them and can cause lethal damage to even their lovely owners. However something really amazing happened when Damian Aspinall, a conservationist went to meet a gorilla that he had raised 5 years ago.

This gorilla, Kwibi is a lowland mountain gorilla who was raised at Howlett Animal Park in England when he was just a little baby. However, 5 years ago, when he reached an appropriate age Damian Aspinall reintroduced Kwibi with natural habitat. Now Kwibi is 10 years old adult gorilla and Aspinall is meeting him after all these years. Will Kwibi be able to recognize his former foster father? How will he react?

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