Rambunctious young pup is noisy… and this old dog is having none of it!

It can be hard to just be quiet sometimes. When you are young you don’t quite have a full understanding of the world. You don’t have an appreciation for the silence and what tranquility that silence can bring. It can be very eye opening once you reach that moment of bliss and peace during a quiet moment, only open to the elements or your environment around you. The whisper of the wind, gently whipping particles of sand to levitate, moving the collection caught in its path to another part of the world. The sound of clouds moving slowly, efficiently in the dark of the night. The serenity of water rippling from a single foot and the reflection of the moon changing slowly in the transparent liquid. These are the moments that one would hope to experience when they realize the bliss of silence.

We all do recognize, that most of the time, some youngster who has an opinion will come along and ruin that silence we so badly ache for. They seem incapable of just appreciating what’s around them, they feel insignificant in the silence and can’t bear to feel that sensation. This feeling isn’t limited to people. Dogs feel the same thing. When you watch this perfect reaction from an older dog, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. His adorably loud, high pitched bark is met quickly with silence. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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