A rancher sells all his Buffalo to pay for his medical bills, except for one who thinks he’s a house cat!

What do you consider to be a pet? Would you say it would be some pet you could carry? There is a wide range of people who believe any animal can be a pet. They keep unconventional pets at their home and this Texas couple is probably the most unconventional of all. Growing up, I had a lot of pets many people would not consider to be real ones. I had centipedes, tarantulas, lizards, and snakes. People in my neighborhood thought that I was unconventional. I was not the only one. People around the world decide to keep the most unusual pets around.

One of these examples is this couple named Sherron and Ron Bridges. This couple lives in the state of Texas and they are ranchers. As such, they get the opportunity to spend time with a substantial number of animals that most of us wouldn’t be near in our lifetimes. I grew up on a ranch, but I can tell you that different ranches have different animals.

They have decided to take on the wonderful and amazing responsibility of raising a very large pet. He is a 2,500-pound buffalo and if this wasn’t crazy enough, they also let the animal live with them inside of their home. He shares all the living quarters with his owners. He’s able to watch television and eat with the rest of their happy family.

While the buffalo, named Wild Thing has been known to get a little rough when he is outdoors, the couple says that he is very well behaved when he’s inside. “He’s quite a gentleman,” Sherron says. They don’t really have to be picking up after him as they would with other animals. Ron used to have a big herd of buffalo, but he was forced to start selling them when the medical bills started piling up. Wild Thing was the only buffalo who was allowed to stay with them.

If this weren’t enough, Wild Thing is also potty-trained. He also knows how to change the channels on the television set without assistance. But not everything is pink-colored, Ron had a very close call, a near-death experience as he refers to it when one day, Wild Thing got frightened and took off running while Ron was still holding on to him. This has been the only ‘accident’ and they have been living a very quiet existence with him otherwise.

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