Rancher sells all his buffalo to pay for medical bills, keeps one and you won’t believe why

The sky is the limit to the number of unusual animals that people will keep as pets. I feel I grew up with my fair share of them. From a pet mantis and a spider to a centipede and a snake, my house would look like a zoo throughout the year. I am sure that it helped me learn the love and respect for animals. I had a very understanding mother who would let me have as many animals as I wanted. Well, she was not that fond of the snake.

A Texas couple just might have the most unconventional of all. Finding out more about the animals that some people choose to keep in their home certainly never ceases to amaze me. This couple is very well known in their community. Ron has done a lot of jobs in his career. At one point he was a horse trainer that had over 50 buffaloes. He would work outside most of the day. He is not joking when he says that he would spend a lot more time with his animals than he did with his wife.

They have decided to keep a unique animal. They are raising a 2,500-pound buffalo! So, what is raising an animal of such proportions like when you already have 2 large dogs? According to Ron, it’s like raising a house cat, only a lot bigger. Ron used to own many more buffaloes but ended up selling them all when his medical bills started to pile up. After an accident, Ron lost one of his eyes. He would need surgery and used the money he got from the sale of the Buffaloes to pay off his debt.

Where does this buffalo named: ‘Wild Thing’ live and sleep? He sleeps and lives inside the home. You will be surprised, but he is in fact potty-trained. He also likes to watch TV and can change the channels by himself. He also gets along very well with the two dogs.

While the buffalo has been known to play rough, the couple says he only plays rough when they are outdoors. When he is indoors Wild Thing is quite a gentleman. He eats with them at the table. They put his food in a special dish and eats what a buffalo would normally eat. He has a sweet tooth and would sometimes ask for a treat if he sees someone else having one.

The only close call Ron has had is one-time Wild Thing was frightened and took off running. The problem was that Ron was still holding on. Apart from that, Wild Thing is just like any other pet. He likes to cuddle and to get baths. Check the video to see the amazing life of “The Bridges.”