Randy Travis creates a new masterpiece from ‘60s classic “Only Daddy”

“Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line” is a song originally sung by American country music singer Jim Alley. But the Waylon Jennings version became the more famous version of the beautiful country song.

The thumping number was actually written by Jimmy Bryant and was initially released in 1968. Randy Travis released the song in the second installment of “Influence: The Man I Am.”

Randy Travis’s version of the song “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line” is very similar to the original composition. However, Randy gave his music a new lively spirit and a new audience.

Randy’s fans have been waiting to hear his voice. Finally, the singer reprised the classic country music piece to mainstream traditional music. He did this by recreating this beautiful song in his own voice.

The song began with a cowboy putting a saddle on a horse and putting him in a horse trailer. Then, he took his beautiful black horse and rode the animal horseback in the open field while his dogs followed him.

The song’s lyrics are deep and have a love story where the narrator talks about his feelings for a woman he loved. However, the poor guy was tired of her being so immature and did not like how she behaved.

However, the narrator knew that if his lover ever asked him to stay, he would not be able to leave her. He would agree to all her immature demands again, as he loved her so much. The upbeat music and the singer’s vocals are just perfect. Randy does complete justice to this timeless piece of music.

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