Rare Baby Deer Gets Rejected By His Mom For His Looks. But When THEY Found Him? Beautiful!

People usually abandon their babies for reasons that are often difficult to accept, such as disease, birth defects, appearances, etc. As it turns out, this phenomenon is not only present in human beings, but animals as well. Some animals will abandon their babies if they believe they do not have a chance to survive or if they will weaken the herd. Take a look at the video below to see a perfect example.

The adorable rare white fawn in the video below was rejected right from his birth by his mother because of his looks and the health issues he suffered from. His lack of color is a very rare trait in a deer, and most end up being rejected by their mother as a result of it. The mother doesn’t understand why her baby is different, but different is a bad sign.

But thankfully, this cute little creature has been given a second chance at life by the owners of a local farm. His name is Dragon and he is being hand-raised by the farm owners. He is doing quite well as you can see in this clip.

Dragon is famous now after being on the local news. Deer Tracks rescued him and is bottle feeding him, and he is doing great so far. His rescuers explained how it all came to be when they were on the news.

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