Rare Cat Found In South Africa. I Wasn’t Ready For How Unusual It Looked.

I’m always fascinated when I see rare or exotic breed on television. It just reminds me of how diverse nature is. There are so many types of cats, dogs, birds, and nearly everything else out there. I never get tired of seeing a new animal. Though it does make me sad when they are endangered, since if extinction occurs, we’re never going to see one of them again. This breed in this video is so cool.

An unusual cat was found under a bush in South Africa as part of a sweep of feral cats. She looked kind of like half a hairless cat and half like a wolf. People were stumped as to what breed Eyona was. They reached out to The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) for help and after some blood work, they found out that she was a Lykoi. What was amazing was that she was the first one of these to be found not bred in captivity.

Eyona is part of a breed that tends to act more like a dog than a cat. Hmm. Maybe my cat has some Lykoi in him… I swear that if I unzipped his cat costume, I’d find a dog underneath it. She seems like a fairly friendly cat, sitting peacefully in one of the videos. Since she’s so rare, she wasn’t going to be adopted to just anyone. She deserves to be with someone who fully understands what she is.

This is one of those cases where you don’t judge a book by its cover. While Eyona may look sickly with all her missing hair and everything, its genetic, not a health issue. She’s actually quite healthy. She also has a new home. An expert on her breed from TEARS is now her foster mommy. That’s as it should be. Still, one thing’s for sure. I’d be hiding under a bed if I heard a Lykoi howling at a full moon.

What did you think of Eyona? She may look unusual but she deserves love as much as any other cat. Would you adopt her if you had the chance. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


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