What This Hidden Camera Footage Captured Will Definitely Leave You Speechless

When we were small, we were always told that Santa is going to visit us on Christmas and gift us with wonderful presents, and the next morning we would wake up to find them under the Christmas tree.

We even used to hear that Santa was seen in a nearby town and very soon he would visit us. We loved to believe this and lose ourselves in our imagination, dreaming about Rudolf leading all of Santa’s reindeer through the skies to come to our house.

If you have small children, you can probably relate to this, and you probably want them to have the same beautiful images of Christmas that you had as a child.  You can recreate that magic by showing this fantastic video to them to spark their imagination and make them believe anything is possible during the holiday season. This video shows Rudolph playing reindeer games with a few of Santa’s other helpers.

He even has a red nose! These are actual reindeer playing in the snow with each other, and one, in particular, is leading the game. He is, of course, Rudolf. Can you guess what song is playing in the video? That’s right! “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” adds to the festivities in this clip. This beautiful video will recreate Christmas magic.

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